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The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church — Now FREE!
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Contemporary apologetics for the Christian layman designed to prepare you to be "ready to give an answer to every man who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you". (I Peter 3:15) Dr. Montgomery, in easy to understand terms, shows that Christianity is sensible and does have answers to the critical questions of life. Whether you listen to these audio files alone or in a group study course, you will find that your knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith will be enhanced and your ability to communicate this knowledge improved.

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As heard on Pirate Christian Radio!

Featuring Dr. Rosenbladt, Pastor Mallie, Pastor Cwirla and Craig Parton, Esq., this series is available in parts - each approximately 2-hour lecture in two 1-hour MP3s - or you can save 20% on the entire 12 MP3 set!

Lecture 1
Christ Alone: The Only and Sufficient Savior
Dr. Rod Rosenbladt

122 minutes

Christians make the bold claim that Christ is the only way to God. This claim is a common objection to Christianity. In this seminar, Dr. Rosenbladt makes the case that Jesus Christ is unique, as the only savior of this world, and he is the sufficient savior of this world. What does the Bible say about Christ as the sole and sufficient savior? How do Christians make the case for the exclusivity of Christ in our post-modern, relativistic age where any claims of truth are met with scrutiny? How did the Reformers address these questions? And, how do we as Christians make the case that Christ’s exclusivity is indeed true? These are a few of the questions Dr. Rosenbladt addresses.

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The Bible is a big book! Actually, it is a mini library consisting of sixty-six individual books. Either way you look at it, the central theme of the Bible remains a mystery to many people. This need not be the case. In the Bible in an Hour audio presentation, veteran Bible teacher Wade Butler will be your guide as he takes you on a panoramic journey through the Scriptures.

Many people know all of the stories in the Bible, but have no idea how they all fit together. It's like they have a string of pearls all loose in a bag, but have never seen the whole necklace. It's like they have all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but have never seen the top of the box. Bible in an Hour will show you the way the pearls are strung together, and finally, finally, you will see the top of the box. -Wade Butler

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Zion Lutheran Church in Tomball, Texas invited Dr. Rod Rosenbladt and Craig Parton to speak at the 2009 Apologetics Symposium. Their assignment was straightforward: define the apologetic task and give the bedrock foundation for an easily understood defense of the Christian faith.

With the exception of Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, there are no more eminently qualified and experienced men to address this topic than these two men, and they both hit grand slam home runs with these lectures.

Several of the attendees at the Symposium told us that these were the best lectures on the subject that they had ever heard. One gentleman told us he had been studying apologetics for twenty years and these (and one by Mr. Parton, in particular) were the clearest, most powerful lectures on the subject that he had ever heard.

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From the Author of Bible In An Hour®

First 3 Tracks Available FREE In Our Freebies Section!

In this presentation Pastor Butler examines the significance of the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant as a prophetic picture of the person and work of Christ. The parallels to Christ and His ministry are highlighted and drawn in high relief against the background of both the Old and New Testaments.

The ministry of the priests is compared and contrasted to the ministry of Christ.

Year after year the priests entered from outside the Tabernacle to perform the prescribed washings and sacrifices. From there they would enter the Holy place to burn incense on the altar, place the loaves on the table of the showbread, and tend to the lamp of God. Once a year the High priest would enter the holy of holies, the most holy place, to sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice on the mercy seat, the covering of the ark. It is Pastor Butler’s contention that Jesus made the same journey, only He did it in reverse order, from the holy of holies to outside the tabernacle.

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Hungry for truth? Starving for clarity? Well then, pull up a chair and feast on these tasty lectures presented by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt and Craig Parton Esq. as they team up to answer the growing question "Where in the Church is the Gospel?"

In the perfect follow-through to the first part of this series, "The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church", Dr. Rosenbladt shares the essential ingredients present in churches that preach the Gospel and will equip you with the basic tools needed to evaluate a Gospel centered church. These lectures provide healthy food for thought when weighing a church's faithfulness to the Gospel and offer hope for those who may be starving in the post-evangelical famine.

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Featuring Dr. James Nestingen

Are confession and absolution archaic notions which we've outgrown? Are they simply parts of a stodgy, old and outdated church?

Or are they still just as necessary and, dare I say it, relevant as they ever were? Maybe even moreso?

What are confession and absolution? What do they do and what do they mean?

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Martin Luther really 'got' St. Paul and this is premium, 200 proof St. Paul! Luther called the letter to the Galatians, "the Magna Carta of Christian Liberty". Dr. Rod Rosenbladt did a close reading of Luther's Galatians commentary over the summer of 2011 and outlined the preface and first four chapters. The videos are a must see. These are the accompanying outlines written by Dr. Rosenbladt from which he created the lectures.

The free previews of the four main chapters which Dr. Rosenbladt provided for the lectures are available in our Freebies section.

Whether you are a life long student of scripture or a newbie, this one's for you; we all need to get excited about how good the Good News of Christianity is! The death of Christ saves!

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