NRP New Source Of Dr. John Warwick Montgomery’s Works

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Dr. John Warwick MongomeryWe have alluded before to the changes which we are working on behind the scenes here at NRP. I can’t reveal much yet, so I apologize for continuing to string you along, but there are a couple updates on which I would like to let you in.

You may have noticed that our physical inventory in our online store has been taken down from the catalog. As we transition in the coming months, this is a necessary and temporary step. (Please note that I stress the temporary part!) We will be adding more new downloadable products into the store shortly which I believe will have some of you jumping up and down with excitement. The rest of you won’t know why some around here may start jumping up and down, but as time wears on, you will come to understand.

Which leads me into my next update. We can officially announce that New Reformation Press will be the primary distributor of the works of Dr. John Warwick Montgomery!

“Who?” I hear some of you say?

Well, if you know about Dr. Rod Rosenbladt and his work, Dr. Montgomery was the professor who trained him. Formerly, the organization which made Dr. Montgomery’s works available was the Canadian Institute for Law, Theology and Public Policy (CILTPP). We have officially purchased all of Dr. Montgomery’s materials from them and will be making them available as we begin to work our way through it all.

C.S. Lewis will go down as the greatest Christian apologist of the twentieth century, and by all accounts, Dr. Montgomery would be number two. His stuff is that good.

In the mean time, I invite you to peruse the website of the original publisher of Dr. Montgomery’s works, the Canadian Institute for Law, Theology and Public Policy, to learn more about Dr. Montgomery. As we begin to make his works available through our store, the Institute will be removing those titles from their website.

The Institute has made Dr. Montgomery’s audio recordings available as cassette tapes and CDs for years now, but we will now be able to make them available as MP3s for the first time, so you will be able to download them in the highest quality available and listen to them on your portable device. For some of you this will probably be an answer to prayer.

We plan to make some significant upgrades to our store this year, and there is much work to do with all the material we have acquired, so we will be making some titles available immediately and more will be added over time. Expect that it will take some months before the entirety of Dr. Montgomery’s works is available on our website.

In the mean time, make sure to “like” our Facebook page and follow our Twitter for any updates regarding any titles from Dr. Montgomery.

By Ted R


  1. CNiez says:

    I’ve waited about 6 years for this to happen. Thank you!

  2. David Collins says:

    This is wonderful news that can’t happen fast enough!

  3. Bo Xin says:

    Have tried for decades to find again John Warwick Montgomery’s

    THE BIBLE THE JEWS AND THE SUPERNATURAL. Is there hope that when y’all have finished the overhaul I’ll be able to find it again through this site?

    A friend just sent me this link


  4. Brandon says:

    Looking forward to seeing your new content!

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